Software Solutions

DAO Emerging Technologies provides custom software solutions for Mobile Computers, Web Applications, e-Commerce, Integration and Middleware, serving diverse industries such as: Route Distribution (Snacks, Beverage, and Bakery); Ship Pilot Dispatching, Financial Services Education, Fuel Oil Delivery; and more. Our experienced development specialists will address your business needs using state-of-the-art tools and testing standards that deliver quality solutions. Let us share our industry experience to help you maximize efficiency, reduce costs and ensure highest customer services.

Besides our robust offering of route systems solutions, DAO Emerging Technologies offers customized programming to address any unique business requirement you may have. Our expert programmers use state of the art tools (.NET, C++, C#, HTML, JAVA) to develop Windows/browser based applications that run on PCs, servers and handheld computers. Our stringent testing standards ensure a quality product.

Route Accounting

DAO Route Accounting Systems provides automation for the snack food industry from hardware and software solution selection through installation, training, service and support. Would you like to improve customer service? How about reducing your logistics costs? Would you like to increase revenue opportunities? Our dedicated and experienced staff of support specialists can help you achieve all of these goals. With experienced DSD backgrounds, we possess a detailed understanding of daily route operations, logistics, opportunities, problems and requirements associated with route accounting, inventory management, store-door delivery, and route settlement. Let us partner with you today to improve operations and profit!

We offer a fully customizable route accounting package with a 100% proven track record. More than 80 snack food manufacturers and distributors nation-wide use one of our software solutions. Our offering includes MobileSnak for your handheld computers and WebSnak as your host processor solution. Major features include Multi-Vendor Ticket and DEX functionality, EDI, integration with QuickBooks, Bar-Code Scanning, Signature Capture, Wireless Communications and more! No need to invest in costly hardware and software, we provide hosting services over the Internet. All you need is workstations, laser printers and a broadband Internet connection. Read on to learn more about the SNAK package that is right for you!

•Our trained Help Desk staff stands ready to assist you by calling our toll-free number.

•We are dedicated to meeting all your training needs. We continue to tailor our classes based on staff and customer input. Class times are flexible to fit your busy schedule and are available at your site or ours.

•Remote services are available 7x24x365 via the Internet. Services include backup, systems attendant, disaster backup, sales information.

•Access to online documentation

Supplies and Sales

Where mobile computers meet state-of-the-art Solutions… DAO Group specializes in hardware maintenance, sales, installation and support for Honeywell and Zebra mobile computers and printers. We have direct access to highly specialized diagnostic services, new and used parts, and training; as well as the ability to provide field service changes.

In addition to being an authorized reseller of Dell, Honeywell and Zebra, we design and build custom cable solutions

DAO Computer Services partners with the following companies to provide a comprehensive array of computer sales and services: Intermec, Epson, MicroSoft, Citrix. We are also an authorized Dell reseller. Not only can we provide your Intermec route equipment solution, but we can provide pre-configured PCs and servers to address your every need. And, we can provide custom cables for Intermec devices. Contact us for all your equipment needs!

We manage the installation of the entire new network or individual equipment such as printers to ensure a quality implementation. We will address issues directly with the vendor to ensure proper operations. DAO Computer Services will work with you to ensure correct equipment selection and fit to your every business need. Contact us today!

DAO Computer Services offers a full range of computer products through several partners including paper, batteries, ribbons, cables and more. Whatever your need, our experts will ensure the right supplies and accessories match your manufacturer at a competitive price. We usually ship the same day the order is received and will ship overnight when you need fast delivery.

Please contact us to order supplies (batteries, paper, ribbons, etc.) and accessories (cables, docks, chargers, cases, etc.). Our experienced staff will match the right supply or accessory to your route equipment. Go to contact us to place an order by phone or email. Soon you will be able to order online!

Equipment Repair

DAO Computer Services has direct access to highly specialized diagnostic services, brand new parts, training, dedicated Honeywell and Zebra support, as well as the ability to provide field service changes. We take pride in quality, fast turnaround equipment repairs on new as well as old equipment.

We offer flexible repair service plans…let us customize a plan to fit your company’s needs. We service Intermec CN70e, CN4e, CN3E, CK61, 700 Series, 600 Series, 6220, 6212, 6210, 4500 (Printers) PW50, PB51, PB42, PB31, PB20, PB2, PB3, 6822, 6821, 6820, 4820, 4815…and more!

We partner with Honeywell, Zebra, Epson and Dell to provide a comprehensive array of computer sales and services designed to keep your business up and running around the clock. We also manufacture a variety of custom cables for mobile devices and printers.

Health Insurance for your Equipment.

From maintenance plans to fee-for-service plans, DAO Computer Services offers a variety of programs for mobile system customers and their networks. We offer flexible repair service plans, let us customize a plan to fit your company’s needs.

• Maintenance Plan: This valuable and preferred coverage allows customers to pre-pay an annual fee for preventive maintenance and repair services.

• Prepaid Plan: Available for customers who prefer to prepay for discounted flat rate repairs in quantities of 10, 25, and 50.

• Time and Material Plan: Available for customers who prefer to pay for services based on hourly rates and parts (e.g. configuring networks, cable installation, etc.)

• Flat Rate Repairs: This fee-for-service coverage allows customers to pay for computer repairs on a per incident basis.

• Asset Management: DAO Computer Services offers an equipment management plan to ensure that all hardware (including spares) is ready when needed.

  • Route Distribution (Snack Foods, Beverage, Baked Goods, Newspaper)

  • Financial Institutions

  • On-line Educational Resources for Financial Advisors

  • Ship Pilotage Dispatching

  • Radio Streaming on the Internet

  • Integrated Computer Chip Manufacturing Process Control

  • Lumber Supply
  • Fishing Tackle Manufacturing and Sales

  • Plumbing Supplies Manufacturing and Distribution

  • Generator Manufacturing

  • Fire and Sprinkler Inspection

  • Seafood Distribution

  • Fuel Oil Delivery

  • Real Estate Accounting and Listing Management

Along with our standard services, we also offer many other services to meet your business needs.

DAO Group Project Management

We will fully manage our services, outside services and your staff to a successful implementation of any of the software solutions, products and services we provide. For any services DAO Group does not provide, we will help you select other providers, vendors and utilities. We will develop a comprehensive project plan which includes assigned tasks, completion timeline, and budget. We will keep you continually informed through project status reports and monitor issues. DAO Group has the business and technical knowledge, methodology and dedication to ensure a successful implementation.

DAO Group Business Assessment

Allow us to provide an assessment of your operation concentrating on inventory management, route settlement, cash settlement, route over/short activity, financial controls, bank reconciliation and any other opportunity to improve efficiency, reduce cost, ensure accurate cash in bank, and improve your bottom-line. After our assessment, we will provide documented recommendations and a proposal to address any opportunity.

DAO Group Corporate Systems Integration

For larger companies who use corporate systems, we have the experience to identify touch points between our route accounting systems and a larger system to eliminate manual data entry and improve billing time to your retail customer. This can be done via EDI or FTP protocols. We have experience with JD Edwards and will discuss any corporate system, working closely with your Information Technology professionals.

DAO Group Training

DAO Route Accounting Solutions is dedicated to meeting all of your training needs. We continue to change, update and improve our classes based on staff and customer input. Class times are flexible to fit your busy schedules and training is available at your site or at our facility in Chesapeake, Virginia.

DAO Group Remote Support

DAO Route Accounting Solutions offers remote support to all SNAK users in a timely and effective manner through Internet access to help you ensure data integrity, backup and timeliness.

Remote data backup is performed every night. All data is backed-up to a centralized DAO RAS server for secure off-site backup. Remote equipment backup is available in the event of a disaster. DAO RAS will set up your personalized company server with the previous night’s backup within twenty-four hours of notification. Your staff will require access to the Internet to continue operations from any location.

Remote sales information is posted daily, weekly and on period sales reports on the SNAK Distributors Information Network. Secure access is available to authorized users via the Internet. Key personnel are able to view sales activity via the Internet at any time they desire. Remote attendant – Every night TCOM would be taken via download, data backups performed, upload data processed, daily reports produced and posted to the Internet and TCOM started for the next daily cycle.

Contact us today and start optimizing your operation